Evolves Into Asian-Niche Discussion Blog

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - Shortly after launching the Asian pay site Lavender Tabby, owner Justin Treynor created the Candy Crash blog to promote it.

"Of course, I've had an affiliate program in place from the start, but I felt that starting a blog would be a more proactive approach to building traffic than waiting around for my affiliates to do it for me," Treynor told AVN Online.  

Though the blog initially was conceived as a mechanism for promoting Lavender Tabby, Treynor said he quickly discarded that approach in favor of a more informative, intelligent discussion forum covering the entire Asian niche. 

"My first few posts came across as very thinly disguised commercials," he said. "I knew that as a surfer, I'd have little interest in reading them, so I set myself to the task of producing a blog that would give people reason to stick around." 

Treynor said he feels the new approach is paying off.

"The blog is gaining authority at Technorati, and my posts are being picked up at Fleshbot," he said. "I see those as very positive signals."

However, Treynor said his new approach to blogging is not without its challenges.

"First of all, I've discovered that writing something interesting, even for just a few lines, is a lot harder than it looks," he said. "It's one thing to notice that a lot of blogs are devoid of real creativity or value, but it's quite another to do something about it."

Treynor said he spends every day looking for noteworthy news for his blog and invites others to submit ideas.

"I'm forever on the lookout for things Asian-niche surfers will find interesting," he said, "so I encourage others in the niche to let me know whenever they've got something newsworthy."

To submit story ideas for Candy Crash, email Treynor at [email protected].