Canada's 'Shalom Life' Interviews Joanna Angel

CANADA—Canadian website Shalom Life’s mission is to “share, discuss and inspire our readers with stories about Jewish culture and life.” So of course an interview with indomitable adult performer and indefatigable entrepreneur Joanna Angel was a no-brainer.

Posted to the site today, the article is uncritical of Angel's chosen profession, characterizing her as an “alternative porn star” and a “Jackette of Trades, writing, directing, producing, and acting,” and noting that she “owns a popular online entertainment portal, battling to sell an artistic product in a saturated market where inferior content is available for no cost.”

With a focus on Joanna as a consummate professional, writer Anthony Marcusa emphasizes the unique cultural aspect of her business. “Her creation is, a home for alternative, goth, emo, and punk adult entertainment,” he writes.

Of BurningAngel, he adds, “Girls have colored streaks in their hair, partially shaved heads, studs and rings, a bevy of tattoos, and a rebellious, adventurous attitude. At five feet tall, Joanna has sported a variety of hair colors, and is tattooed on her arms, back, hips, and legs.”

Joanna explains, “We have a certain look. Every girl we have and everything we make is a type of culture. What we do is very different.”

Marcusa also makes sure to note that “growing up, Joanna and her two sisters would sit down on Friday night for Shabbat dinner, despite Joanna’s somewhat rebellious nature in her teenage years,” and includes an assurance from the world’s only porn punk rock princess that “no matter what is going on in my life, I’m home on Passover.”

Now that’s a nice girl. But what really comes through in the piece is the undeniable sense that at the ripe age of 31, this veteran entertainer and businesswoman still oozes creativity and ambition.

“I want to be a part of stores, casinos, strip clubs, clothing lines,” she says at the end of her interview. “I want porn to be a part of a lifestyle.”