Cam4 Survey: Adult Entertainment Healthy & Normal, Not Shameful

CYBERSPACE—Results of a survey conducted for live cam platform Cam4 reveal that "adult entertainment consumerism [is] healthy, positive, and 'normal,' rather than shameful. The survey, conducted by France's leading survey institute, IFOP, also shows couples find Internet-based sex games and activities to be a relationship enhancement tool."

With a sampling of about 1,000 Americans over the age of 18, "the IFOP survey reveals pornography consumption has truly become widespread. It also points to masturbation connected with sexualized use of the Internet and new modes of communication, such as smartphones and webcams."

The revelation from the survey has to do with who is consuming porn the most. According to results, "Consumption of adult material, which was admitted to by 90 percent of all American men and 60 percent of women, is highest amongst individuals who have the most partners, or who are more sexually active, going against the age-old assumption that pornography viewing serves as a substitute for an unsatisfactory sex life."

Additionally, "The survey also reveals 53 percent of Americans watch adult material as a couple, and 66 percent say they would watch pornography with their partner if it was asked of them. These results demonstrate the consumption of porn may no longer be considered a 'shameful' and solitary activity."

Jas Kase, Cam4's Director of Marketing and Sales, commented, "Many of the pre-conceived notions people have about porn, webcam shows, and the adult industry as a whole are unfairly based on outdated information, taboos, and media myths. The statistics show pornography has fully integrated itself into our society and can be utilized as a positive, healthy way for people to explore their sexuality."