Calif. Engineering Firm Seeks “SexBox’ AO Game Console Trademark

SAN JOSE, Calif.—Silicon Xtal Corporation, a San Jose, Calif.-based hardware engineering and technology design firm has filed a trademark application for a device called SexBox, which is envisioned as a “video game system console comprised of computer hardware with unique user controls which plays interactive Adult Only rated (AO) video game software titles.”

If the SexBox name sounds suspiciously similar to Xbox, it’s probably not a coincidence; the Xtal team apparently worked on Xbox 360 hardware, as well as other gaming platforms. Whether that fact protects them from a Microsoft lawsuit remains to be seen, but we’re not holding our collective breath.

The basic functionality of the planned box is just the tip of the iceberg, however. The SexBox, if it is ever released, will also have “proprietary software and firmware that provides access to associated AO content and entertainment in all other digital forms,” including audio, video, HDTV, DVD, online, gaming, social network, webcams, video on demand, downloading, movie rentals, purchases, stores, advertising, interactive adult communities, massive multiplayer online games and emerging markets.

In other words, it will do everything except make coffee. Price point is anticipated to be far less than its non-AO inspiration.