Burning Question: "Stick With What We Know" or "Aggressively Innovate"?

In a tight economy, is your philosophy to “stick with what we know” or “aggressively innovate,” or both?

Considering where the world is right now, you have to do both. Our philosophy is, “Work harder and smarter in the areas in which we’ve previously excelled and explore/exploit new opportunities to find growth.” At MaxCash.com, we’ve witnessed all the various stages the affiliate business has gone through in the past 13 years—from the Wild West days to the present. If history teaches anything, it’s obvious that we’re here for the long haul. We’ve continuously made the necessary changes to our business model and have always adapted to insure that our affiliates prosper!
VP, MaxCash

In any economy I’d say it’s important both to be in front of our industry utilizing the technology we have and also aggressively innovating and open to change. What worked for us yesterday might not work for us today and probably won‘t work for us tomorrow. While we rely on what we know has worked for us in the past, we are continuously working on ways to optimize these processes. There will always be better ways and it is our goal to figure out what they are through being innovative. The fast pace of changing technology also forces us to be aggressive. Look at security, for example; it has always been an issue, but up until the last couple of years it has never been this uncompromising—and the only way I see to combat it is through being innovative. Truthfully, I don’t find any enjoyment without trying new things.
—Max M. Baptist VIII
COO, D-Dub Software

At DatingGold, trends in our market dictate how we execute our business plan and apportion resources throughout the year. As leader in the dating and webcam markets, it’s actually both. Our philosophy is that we must continually adapt (innovate) or lose ground to the competition. The key to success is doing so in a way that we are not losing focus on servicing our core business.
—Alfonsus “AK” Kusuma
VP Sales & Marketing, Datinggold.com

This article originally ran in the November issue of AVN.