BROMaster Blog Takes Final Bow

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. - The BROMaster Blog, arguably one of the most intelligent, creative, funny and unique blogs to lampoon the adult industry, came to its close Tuesday.

Cory "BROMaster" Wayne of pitched a less aggressive idea to AVN and XBiz in 2005, but was turned down.

"The idea was to take a column and plug it into the site, but allow for a more freethinking atmosphere, something that essentially represented an unbiased and creative playground," he wrote in the blog on Tuesday.

In January 2007, Wayne anonymously began the blog during a long period of insomnia.

"I recall a total state of mania and depression," he wrote. "My life was, by my own tainted perception, in the gutter. I was having a relationship issue and was battling some other, more involved personal issues. It was irony in its own way. I am a human being with real issues and far from perfect."

Wayne told AVN Online that he has always loved writing and comedy.

"I worked in comedy clubs for much of my early 20s," he said. "The entire writing style was based on improvisation and threes. I felt like people were a bit bored with what they were seeing on a daily basis in our industry, and I wanted to shake things up, break the mold."

Wayne said he felt that anonymity was important in the early stages, when he feared clicking the "submit" button.

"I had plenty of insecurities over whether or not people would get what I was going for, even though I felt they would, in my gut," he said.

Wayne also was worried that others might be hesitant to post, fearing the possibility of upsetting their advertisers.

"I was a little worried people might be afraid to post in fear of insulting advertisers, but it was my perception that advertisers would cherish it," he said. "In any case, I never sought revenue from the site, not to say I wouldn't have welcomed it. I only had one advertiser the entire time. It definitely played a role."

Over time, the blog was embraced for its lighthearted lampooning, and it became the place where industry professionals went to poke fun at one another.

"I found that my blog was constantly being spoken of at conventions, and I loved, as well as adored, that people understood the satire, the jest and the self-deprecation," Wayne said. "The hardest part was not taking credit for the blog that I had so much affection for. Nevertheless, the humor was and still is the most important part."

Wayne said he took the humor seriously and wanted to keep things light.

"Lots of subjects were taboo, actually," he said.  "I never wanted to hurt anyone's business or personal life."

People eventually started to suspect that Wayne was BROMaster, but despite the fact that he admitted it on several occasions, people thought he was lying.

"I think people began to suspect who the BROMaster was," Wayne said. "Even when I would cop to it, people would say, ‘Oh, whatever. You're lying.' And I always thought that was funny."

Wayne said his journey was never about an "anonymous ride into the sunset." He said he had planned to end the blog with a final declaration of identity while it was still a beloved entity.

As for Wayne's future, he has many mainstream projects in the works, and he said he will always be a writer and comedian at heart.

"I will never forget who and what I am," he said. "It's the pillars of my sanity. I currently have nothing solid in adult, but I am however taking a little time to enjoy being unmasked as the BROMaster."