Bring Vampire Hookers to Orgasm in New G-Spot Game

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- "Vampire Hookers from Outer Space."  Talk about the best of both worlds. And it's part of the new game G-Spot, which will make its demo debut from Global Haptics at the upcoming AVN Novelty Expo this summer, set for July 13-15 at the Sheraton and Hilton hotels, Universal City, Calif.

G-Spot is a starting platform into a new world of adult entertainment, using the uniquely round Orb game controller. In the G-Spot video game the user must pass increasingly difficult tests of sexual prowess, and at the same time avoid being eaten, or worse, by vampire hookers and other unsavory and dangerous, yet equally appealing, sexy avatars. 

The key with each adversary/lover is to find their G-Spot, thereby rendering them paralyzed by orgasmic delirium. Beats the heck out of a stake through the heart, doesn't it?

Albuquerque-based Global Haptics specializes in haptic technology, which creates an interface with a user through sense of touch. The company's patents are cited by 80 other patents in the computer interaction industry.  The Orb technology has applications to vibrators and many additional popular sexual novelty and pleasure devices, as well.

Global Haptics is participating in the AVN Novelty Expo for the first time, and seeks strategic partners and/or licensees for their game-changing technology solutions. The company will be at booth 314.

For more details, contact [email protected].