BREIN v. Mininova Trial Underway

UTRECHT, The Netherlands — The trial of Dutch anti-piracy agency BREIN versus BitTorrent listing site Mininova is underway, with each side attacking the other.

On Wednesday, BRIEN claimed 92 percent of the torrents found on the tracker site — though not hosted there — are illegal, copyrighted material. The rights group also alleged that the site, founded by five Dutch students, makes millions from advertising.

DigitalMediaWire reports Mininova's lawyers countered that it follows the law, has done nothing illegal and removes links to copyrighted content, when requested to do so by rights owners, citing its "notice and takedown" policy.

The site's runners also said they are working in conjunction with entertainment firms and groups such as the Motion Picture Association to create filters that will allow movie and music companies to block torrents on their own. BRIEN lawyers argued the site must pay for that system out of pocket.

According to TorrentFreak, Mininova receives more than 30 million unique visitors each month and is said to be the largest torrent-tracker, even bigger than the notorious Pirate Bay.

A tribunal of judges is hearing the case a verdict is expected on July 15.

Mininova Co-Founder Erik Dubbelboer said he and his partners think the court will rule in their favor.

"We have confidence in the outcome of the case and we believe Mininova will continue to exist," he said.

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