adds New Embedded Flash Promo Tools for Legal Tube Sites

MONTREAL - BrainCash has a new legal tube promotion section available for the growing number of affiliates embracing this way of sending traffic.

"A significant number of our affiliates are taking the legal tube site direction and we, as a company, have decided to join forces so we are fully available to be promoted in this relatively new business model," said program Manager Pat Laurendeau. "We created a section on that offers content for tube sites. We are offering one- to two-minute clips of content, or you can select to promote the trailers of sites. We are now offering all of this content in an embedded Flash format. The embedded Flash allows us to track your referral code on the traffic sent from your tubes sites. Your surfers can even use the embedded Flash from your tube site to put in their blog or sites with your referral code. We have a lot of content available for you and we are going to continue to add new scenes and trailers for you to use. We are going to add 10 scenes per week so stay tuned."

For information on the new tools and the terms and conditions of using them, visit