BoyzShop Vibrates LA Pride With Mega-Dildos

LOS ANGELES - BoyzShop, an all-gay sex toy store, showed up to vend at LA Pride this year - and rather than focusing on top sellers, the company decided to go with shock value and education. For shock value, it brought a myriad of boxes containing giant rubber dongs.

James Medina of affiliate relations told, "Fortunately, 'would-be passersby' were caught in the gravity of the monstrous rubber dongs and ended up in the booth. Once we got them goofing off with the dongs, we lured them over to the electrosex gear. Usually people aren't able to feel the effects of an electrosex box before purchasing it, so this was a valuable educational experience."

Medina went on to explain that the most important discovery was how people naturally gravitate toward huge rubber dongs. "You can split people into two groups: fascinated yet afraid, and fascinated and unafraid. The latter group came up to get their pictures taken with our products - the Mr. Ed Anatomically Correct Horse Penis being a favorite - and those unable to overcome their fear kept a safe distance and rubbernecked."

For those interested in harnessing the power of the giant dong for profit, sign up for the BoyzShop affiliate program at NicheShops, BoyzShop's affiliate program, offers a variety of tools for webmasters interested in selling BoyzShop's line of giant dongs, Pictures of people goofing off with giant dongs at LA Pride are available at the BoyzShop website.