D-Dub Releases Trailer for New Game, BoneCraft

ALBUQUERQUE, NM—D-Dub Software, creator of action adventure adult video game BoneTown, has released gameplay footage for their upcoming project, BoneCraft.

The trailer showcases the raucous hack-and-slash sex quests that are the hallmark of the game, and features the player fighting hordes of crazed orcs and blasting enemies with shotguns and plasma cannons, alongside a team of rowdy space wranglers. The trailer also gives a glimpse of the sexy elf women who inhabit the BoneCraft world.

BoneCraft is a fantasy/sci-fi adult parody game that, in the words of the creators, “…doesn’t just add sex; it satirizes the whole genre. The development team is made up of people who grew up with fantasy/sci-fi games, and this is our opportunity to inject BoneTown humor into the lore of the genre.”

The following description provides a tease of the BoneCraft plotline.

“Captain Fort Worth and his rowdy band of Space Wranglers have drank and whored their way through the galaxy, living one binger to the next. When they crash-land on a planet called BoneCraft, they discover that it holds a secret beyond their wildest dreams.

“But the secrets of the Elf Brothel don’t come easy. The orcs are the only ones who know the way and they aren’t telling. Hiding something that Captain Fort Worth wants means their death warrant has been signed, and so the Captain has given the Wranglers their mission: find the Elf Brothel or die trying.”

The BoneCraft trailer is available here.