BoneTown Creators Partner With Age Verification Company

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - D-Dub Software, creators of the adults only video game BoneTown, have partnered with Veratad Technologies to employ the AgeMatch Verification Solution.

BoneTown has received critical press attention in recent weeks for its graphic depictions of sex and drug use; D-Dub is available online, as well as offline in adult stores.

To make it more difficult for minors to access the game online, D-Dub will use the AgeMatch Verification Solution, which "is aimed at achieveing a balance between assisting parents in the overwhelming task of protecting their children from age-sensitive content, products and services, while providing reasonable access to those of legal age," said Veratad President Pattie Dillon.

Though the new process has been "annoying" to some customers, said Hod, CEO of D-Dub Software, the potential benefits far outweigh the minor inconvenience.

"We know that BoneTown is a hardcore adult game, and it's not meant for kids, but with the huge demand for adult games the video game world really needs to find a way to get them out there. Hopefully this can help. Maybe once they realize that we've found a way to sell our product safely, they'll be willing to accept us, and someday this method of distribution could become the standard for Adults Only games," he says.

BoneTown is currently being sold online to customers 18 and older at in a box version ($49.99) and a digital download version ($39.99). The game is also available in adult stores worldwide.