Bobby Manila Sues Brazzers

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Adult film director Bobby Manila and his company, Climax 9 Productions, have filed a lawsuit accusing operator Mansef Productions of fraud and breach of contract. 


The complaint, which was filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court, alleges that Mansef Productions offered Manila a profitable three-year exclusive contract as a pretext for getting him to train others in his shooting style.


According to Manila's attorney, Gary Jay Kaufman, after signing Manila to a one-year service agreement in June 2007, Mansef was so impressed by his work that the company sought to keep him from working for competitors by way of a long-term exclusive contract. 


Manila accepted the offer in late 2007 and committed himself exclusively to Brazzers for at least the next three years. 


"Unfortunately, Mansef's commitment to Manila was nowhere near as strong," Kaufman said. "Mansef immediately asked Manila to train others to direct in his style. Now, with the training complete, Mansef trumped up bogus excuses to terminate Manila's contract and offered him a replacement contract for a shorter term in a ridiculously transparent cost-cutting move." 


Representatives of Mansef Productions could not be reached for comment.