Offers Adults a Vast Network of Dating Opportunities

SAN DIEGO - Adult dating site Black Booty Files offers a service to adults seeking dating services that cater specifically to them.

"The website does not simply target black people," owner Paul Tatum told AVN Online. "I named my website Black Booty Files because the word "black" represents exclusivity just like the Black American Express credit card does."

The adult community dating site offers members that range from 18 - 80 years old.

"The majority of our members are 25 years or older," Tatum explained. "That's the demographic that experiences the most success on the site."

Unlike most other online dating sites, which focus on casual dating and quick "hook-ups," Black Booty Files lets "adults be adults."

"Our site has both Free and Gold memberships," Tatum added. "Free members can create a profile, upload their photo, search the member database and show interest in other members. Gold members can do all this as well as send emails and chat with other members."

The Gold Membership is offered at $5.95 U.S. for one month and $14.95 U.S. for three months.

Additionally, Black Booty Files has an advertising program in place that allows advertisers to specifically target the audience that best fits their marketing goal. Using the verified data provided by our members during registration advertisers can efficiently communicate their message to a very specific audience.

"Our philosophy is to apply the same relationship management techniques to our advertisers that we use in our online offering," Tatum said. "As we connect like-minded people with each other, our goal as an advertising medium is to connect you, the advertiser, with your target consumer."

For more information, visit Black Booty Files.