Black Label Ads Launches Auto-Optimization

SAN FRANCISCO - Adult ad market place Black Label Ads announced Friday the launch of its new Auto-Optimization technology for advertisers -- a first in the adult ad network.  

"Auto-Optimization technology will change the adult advertising landscape," said Chi Lee, national account executive for Black Label Ads. "Now marketers can set their target cost-per-action, put their campaigns on cruise-control and let Black Label Ads technology take care of the rest."

Black Label Ads' new Auto-Optimization technology allows advertisers to specify a target cost-per-action for each campaign and places the conversion code on their site. Additionally, the campaign collects performance data across thousands of sites. Black Label Ads automatically adjusts bids on a site-by-site basis, resulting in more conversions at a lower cost-per-action.

With Auto-Optimization, advertisers bid on a cost-per-click basis for text ads, and on a cost-per-thousand basis for banner ads.  Auto-Optimization then optimizes each campaign three times daily to drive maximum performance. 

"Bids are automatically adjusted upward on sites that convert well, so ads display more often on these sites," Lee explained. "Bids are adjusted downward or paused on lesser-performing sites, and budget is instantly re-allocated to top-performing sites."

Auto-Optimization is available to all Black Label Ads advertisers who spend more than $20,000 per month. 

For more information, visit the Black Label Ads website or email [email protected].