Billionaire Mafia Goes After Joe Brandi

LAS VEGAS - has hired former KSEX Vice President Joe Brandi as its head of Internet marketing. 

"Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in," Brandi joked about his new position. 

A "Billionaire Mafia" TV show, based on the Web community associated with the Billionaire Mafia brand, is set to be aired weekly on cable or the Internet. The Billionaire Mafia brand was created as a clothing line from Lana Fuchs, one of the top fashion designers in the industry.

"This is one of the best projects I have seen in a long time, and I could not be more excited," Brandi said. "Along with the TV show, the Billionaire Mafia brand includes a full interactive website with live cams from inside the Billionaire Mafia headquarters in Las Vegas. 

"Fans can submit ideas for shows, go live on cams, join one of the ‘families' and much, much more. They will even be able to help decide the fate of certain characters."   

The "Billionaire Mafia" show is based on two Mob families - one Italian (the Costellos) and one Russian (the Fuchs) - fighting over control of Las Vegas. The Fuchs family is in the fashion industry and has started an advertising campaign seeking "gangsters" for its clothing line. As a result of a miscommunication, they find themselves at war with the Costellos, who thought Lana Fuchs was the head of a Mob family looking for real gangsters.   

"Billionaire Mafia" will be seen on several websites and sponsorships are opening up, Brandi said. 

"There are so many possibilities for sponsorship," he explained. "Members wearing sponsors' T-shirts, characters on sponsors' websites, banners, emails, et cetera. This cast will also feature guest appearances from several well-known adult-industry personalities on a weekly basis, as well as some very, very well-known mainstream personalities."

Rumor has it adult film legend Ron Jeremy will play a major role in the weekly series and become a spokesman for Billionaire Mafia, Brandi said. 

"I'm not saying who else we are bringing on board," he said, "but this is not only going to keep the fans excited, but shocked at who they will see on the show."  

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