Big Sister Media To Test Web TV Service

PRAGUE, Czech Republic - Big Sister Media, the owner of the Big Sister club in Prague, is ready to test broadcast a reality sex Web TV show.

The company, which also produces exclusive real-time reality programming, is building a studio in the club, which has been featured in more than 60 mainstream media outlets.

The test broadcast is set for Sunday, Nov. 23, and will feature live interviews with couples visiting the club that day.

"After adding nights with live swingers parties and private couples to make the broadcast more diverse and attractive, now we are about to add more gaming and interaction," said Carl Borowitz, vice president of marketing for Big Sister Media. "We are initially testing two moderators/hosts for the show. All the dialogues will be translated into English and there is already a list in place with pranks that will be strongly encouraged. "

The new program will be available to subscribers of All future broadcasts will also be stored in TV quality for further post production and cross media licensing including PPV, cable or hotels.

Those interested in previewing the pilot can contact Borowitz at [email protected].