Behind Bars, Max Hardcore Launches

LOS ANGELES – Still behind bars, the future is now for Max Hardcore, who's launched a new site,

Currently incarcerated in Los Angeles at the Federal Metropolitan Detention Center, Hardcore is into his third month of a 46-month sentence stemming from last October's trial for obscenity, which also brought him a fine of $1.4 million and the forfeiting of three websites, including his flagship site,

The licensing deal with EuroRevenue for the new site was arranged by Richard Barrios of Mad Rhino Consulting.

"I've had a significant presence in Europe starting in 1994, with The Anal Adventures of Max Hardcore and Cherry Poppers," Hardcore said in a company Q&A. "We had fantastic distribution and coverage throughout Europe from Scandinavian countries down to Spain and from England to Russia. The only way for a brand, any brand to survive is to continually expand its market. Staying static is a recipe for failure."

Hardcore is ready to jump fully back into the game once his sentence is served. 

"Now that I'm imprisoned temporarily, I plan to be even more successful, especially in Europe, after I'm released in a year or two. As I always like to say, the best is yet to come. There's no doubt that there's demand for my movies in Europe and it's possible, I believe, to greatly increase that demand and consumption."

Hardcore would've liked to have been hands-on in developing the new site, but obviously, it was not possible considering his current circumstances.

"I've been kidnapped by the federal government of the USA and am being held against my will in a very disagreeable prison in the heart of downtown Los Angeles," he said, adding he has full confidence in the EuroRevenue team. "Anything I'm not happy with can always be addressed after I get out of this place and back in action. As for the design elements and technical specifications, we determined ahead of time what we wanted, at a minimum and we're taking it from there."

The new site has brought an extension of Hardcore's anything-goes, anything-is-possible approach.

"As soon as I can extricate my ass from this putrid prison, I'm going to be back in action like you've never seen before. Bigger, badder, more determined and completely cleaned-out from all the toxins I've been using the last few years, such as cigarettes, alcohol and junk food. You can count on it."

He's even considering a Max Hardcore, the next generation, so to speak, but not yet.

"I may even put in a new man to play the Max Hardcore character in the future, like a new James Band," he said. "That's not in the immediate plan, though. I'm in better shape now than I've been in more than 20 years, the result of working out so often because there's so much time for that in prison. But certainly in the future, that's a definite possibility if I want to maintain a viable and new following."

Other plans include organizing a group of producers and directors into an "artist's collective" type of organization with Hardcore taking the lead in "taking things to the next level."

He also is considering moves outside the adult industry, but for now, he's playing those cards close to the vest.

"I am counting on a lot of future success with my brand, now I truly am the world's No. 1 bad boy of porn.," he said.

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Visit the new site here.

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