BBFC, Strictly Broadband Take Certification Online

LONDON - Video-on-demand provider Strictly Broadband has struck a deal with the British Board of Film Classification to be allowed to use online certificates for streaming and downloadable movies.


The British Board of Film Classification classifies video for cinema and DVD use in the United Kingdom, similar to the way the Motion Picture Association of America rates movies.


Strictly Broadband, considered a leading provider of adult video on demand in the U.K., is the first adult website to belong to the British Board of Film Classification's online program.


"As the U.K. market leader in Internet-streamed adult entertainment, we're pleased to be founder members of the BBFC Online scheme," said Jerry Barnett, managing director of Strictly Broadband.


Nine movies from Zero Tolerance on the Strictly Broadband site carry the online certificate as of Wednesday. More will be added soon.


The British Board of Film Classification's program is voluntary, but for the first time provides some guarantees that webmasters cannot be prosecuted under existing British legislation on the sale of hardcore pornography.


"It has been difficult in the past for legitimate companies to sell adult video on the Internet, as the law is far from clear in this area," Barnett said. "We welcome the clarification that the new scheme will bring to the business, which will allow the further development of a strong and legal British adult entertainment industry and give British consumers the ability to decide whether they are buying legal material or not."