Banksie Joins Team

LOS on Thursday announced that Banksie (f.k.a. Lindsey Banks) is joining the #realloyalfans team.

LoyalFans x Banksie is a collaborative effort that’s been in the making for some time.

Banksie already has been repping LoyalFans at various community and mainstream events such as the red carpet at the 2023 Urban X Awards, TwitchCon 2023 in Las Vegas and most recently—the 2024 AVN Show. She documented LoyalFans’ in-booth festivities during AEE 2024 as well as covered the 2024 AVN Awards’ red carpet exclusively for LoyalFans—where she was one of the few correspondents that got to speak with superstar rapper Iggy Azalea, who was the 2024 AVN Awards musical guest.

All these events have been leading up to Banksie's new partnership with, which will include an array of industry event coverage, community insights, interviews, and more.

“Giddy is a pretty accurate way to describe how I feel to team up with LoyalFans right now,” Banksie said, “especially after being able to work with them in a special way where I can continue doing what I love to do.” 

“Loyalfans has some unique stuff in store for everyone this year!” Banksie continued. “As we attend community events together, the learning and fun I hope to have with everyone involved is something I personally am looking forward to.”

LoyalFans x Banksie will also bring fans closer inside the LoyalFans experience, as the creator reaffirms her dedication to her livestream fans around the world. As of Valentine’s Day 2024, fans have been able to see Banksie live via

Moving forward, Banksie’s livestream schedule will be updated regularly and announced in advance on socials and via the creator’s LoyalFans page.

The entire LoyalFans team is excited to welcome Banksie to the fold.

“We’re so excited to be working with Banksie,” said LoyalFans’ co-owner Neil. “The talent, creativity, and energy that Banksie brings will be an invigorating addition to our growing LoyalFans fam.”

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