BangTheChamp Launches Reality Show

MIAMI – BangTheChamp, a new, cutting-edge reality show that mixes fighting and sex, is set for a real-world Web broadcast debut Aug. 3 at 10 p.m. (EST) at Tootsie’s Cabaret in Miami, Fla.

“The venue is located inside a former Costco, making it one of the largest strip clubs in the U.S.,” BangTheChamp Chief Executive Officer and Executive Producer Jason Lee told “This show is the first of its kind and will be very exciting.”

The brawlers will consist of open-circuit fighters, keeping in line with the reality aspect of the broadcast, with styles ranging from traditional martial arts to mixed martial arts, boxing, grappling, wrestling, and street fighting. The winner not only earns bragging rights, but also victoriously gets to mount a nearby adult starlet who will be serving as “ring girl” and display his sexual prowess, Lee added.

“We’re looking for anyone, professional or average, who likes to fight and fuck, to come forward and demonstrate their abilities in the ring,” he explained.

The ring is a modified pyramid surrounded by a steel cage, with the top of the pyramid serving as an enclosed fight zone, and the base as an open battlefield. The ring specifically is designed to throw off fighters and provide an audience with a setting that has never been seen before, Lee said.

“We intended the pyramid to keep the action fast-paced and interesting, while catering to different fighting styles,” commented Lee, a 30-year veteran of martial arts. “The odd shape keeps fighters moving and thinking.”

“This is a unique opportunity for fighters and audiences to see the hot ‘ring girl’ get down and dirty,” Lee stated. “Also, we want to invite any male adult performers who are into martial arts, kickboxing — whatever — to come and compete in the ring.”

Lee said he is hoping for an annual event and wants to go international with venues in Canada, Europe, and Asia. He also is planning to take the show mainstream and is targeting cable networks for licensing.