BackroomCastingCouch Associate Busted for Underage Recruiting

CHANDLER, Ariz.—A Tempe man who is reported to be the main recruiter for was arrested by Chandler police yesterday on charges that he knowingly lured underage girls to his apartment and videotaping them during sexually explicit acts.

Antonio Adrian Gonzalez, 28, "was arrested at his home in the 8000 block of Grandview Avenue after police executed a search warrant there following complaints on his business, and," reported the East Valley Tribune. "Police said that they had received a number of complaints about Gonzalez's business, accusing him of using social network services and e-mail to contact underage girls for his websites and sexual purposes."

According to the Phoenix New Times, several local police departments said they have "received multiple complaints about Gonzalez trying to lure underage girls to appear on 'adult websites," and Chandler Sergeant Joe Favazzo told them that Backroom Casting Couch is included in those websites.

The New Times continued, "Gonzalez copped to it all. He admitted to knowing the girls were underage, and told police he uses social media websites to recruit girls to appear on Backroom Casting Couch." is one of two websites that operate under the Fcuk Cash affiliate program, the other being

Earlier this week, the New Times ran another article that alleged the main cocksman for Backroom Casting Couch, Eric Whitaker, knowingly has unprotected sex with women for the site even though he has herpes, and that he even promoted the fact on social media.

"Whitaker posted the results from his latest STD test on his Twitter page last month, revealing that he tested positive for herpes simplex I—the more common of the two types of the virus," the alternative news site reported.

The New Times has been unequivocal in its contempt for Whitaker and Backroom Casting after the episode last year involving an 18-year-old ASU co-ed who trusted the site when it told her explicit video she shot for them would only be made available in the members area, and instead spread it across free sites, and then disseminated the false story that she had lost her college scholarship.

"Last year [Whitaker] was booted from his sleazy office/porn set near the Scottsdale Airport after we alerted the building owner what [he] was doing in there," they have reported. "Now, apparently, he's contracted the gift that keeps on giving, and could be spreading it to any girl who ends up on his couch."

They added that despite the fact that Arizona does not have a law making knowingly transmitting an STD illegal, a sex-crimes detective told them he was looking into whether Whitaker and others associated with Backroom Casting Couch could be held legally accountable.

This latest arrest only augurs more serious problems for what New Times calls "the sleazy, Scottsdale-based porn website."