Azure Cash Announces Bobby Knight as Affiliate Manager

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Azure Cash recently announced that Bobby Knight will be leaving the content and business development side of the website to spearhead the new cash program as affiliate manager.

“I have been a part of Azure for a long time; this is my first experience in building a cash program, but not my first experience in building a business,” Knight told AVN Online. “My background is mainly in international finance and business development. I have been in the Internet media sector since 1997 and in the adult industry since 2000. I have worked all over the world, and I am an avid photographer. However, this is the first time that my focus will be 100 percent in the adult industry.”

Knight has more than 20 years of entrepreneurial endeavors under his belt and has launched several businesses and products into different markets. He said he understands how difficult it is to build a brand, especially in today’s adult market.

“My first focus is to get the word out to our affiliates and our potential affiliates that we are here to do business; we are here to offer the tools and media that will increase their income. Most importantly, we want to let our affiliates know that they come first,” Knight declared. “It’s the Azure team’s job to offer the best possible service to our webmasters, which is why Azure searched hard to find an experienced support person and why Azure hired Tiger for the job. He is a great guy and an important part of the team.”

Azure has spent the better part of the first and second quarters of 2007 implementing the NATS content management system, developing unique site ideas and shooting exclusive content. Because of Azure’s roots in production, the media promises to convert exceptionally.

“Since we have been live, we’ve added over 500 new affiliates to the program and traffic has grown dramatically,” Knight said. “It’s my goal to significantly increase those numbers over the next year. Our conversions are doing quite well — from what I understand — as a new program overall. [We’ve had a conversion ratio of] 1:299 since the May launch, and we are working every day to make those numbers better.”

Azure Cash has 10 sites now and plans to launch two more by the end of August. The goal is to launch two more sites every other month after that.“We have a lot going on right now,” Knight said. “We have added 360solos, CamelToeHos and our new VIP-pass site AzurePass to our list of sites like VeronikaRaquel, Keeani and HollyHalston, as well as NaughtyLani, DarkFetishWorld and RedTushy, just to name a few.”

Knight said Azure recently signed the beautiful 19-year-old Alexis Capri and is preparing two new sites: MilfMadness and OnDemandAdult, the company’s very own TGP site.“Paulie has been very busy shooing for our clients, as well as Azure Cash,” he said. “The team has been working night and day to build the marketing tools, FHGs and custom content that our Webmasters are asking for, and I have been working on some unique marketing programs.”

Knight said he is looking forward to getting to know all the webmasters and allowing the industry to get to know him. He’s been around for a while, and if you don’t know him, you soon will.