Aylo Teams With StopNCII.org to Fight Non-Consensual Images

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Adult entertainment conglomerate Aylo (formerly MindGeek) today announced a new partnership with StopNCII.org, a global initiative (developed by Meta & SWGfL) that prevents the spread of non-consensual intimate images (NCII) online.

Since launching in 2021, StopNCII.org has established itself as a leading solution in the fight against intimate image abuse. The partnership will allow adults experiencing NCII abuse across Aylo platforms to proactively prevent the uploading and sharing of intimate material online, through on-device hashing technology. Websites operated by Aylo now join a number of esteemed platforms as an industry partner, enabling NCII content to be identified and removed.

StopNCII.org empowers users to take control of their intimate content by using on-device hashing technology. This process creates a hash (digital fingerprint) of images or videos (presented as a string of letters and numbers) that can be created straight from the user’s own device. This added layer of privacy ensures the original image or video never leaves the user’s device.

The hash is then sent to participating platforms and if a subsequent image or video gets uploaded and matches the corresponding hash, it will be sent for moderation and removed if it meets the policy requirements of a platform. The image (or video) will then be blocked from any further sharing across participating platforms. As with all hashing databases, this newly created directory increases in efficacy as more platforms join the StopNCII.org initiative. StopNCII.org has an open invitation for industry platforms who allow users to upload content to make use of the tool’s technology, by joining as an industry partner. With this collective effort, it will work towards making the internet a safer place.

This partnership is the latest in Aylo’s Trust and Safety processes, adding an additional layer of technology to the tech industry’s leading content moderation protocol. Aylo’s safeguards include mandatory age and identity verification in order to upload content, extensive moderation practices including numerous technologies and human moderation, and partnerships with dozens of non-profit organizations worldwide. This partnership also expands on Aylo’s existing relationship with the UK Revenge Porn Helpline, with whom Aylo partnered to provide deterrence messaging for anyone seeking potentially illegal, non-consensual material across its adult platforms.

StopNCII.org is operated by SWGfL, a not-for-profit charitable organization in the U.K. that works to ensure everyone can benefit from technology free from harm. As part of its work, SWGfL operates the UK Revenge Porn Helpline, a leading support service since 2015 in the fight against intimate image abuse, which has successfully removed almost 300,000 individual instances of NCII from the internet.

Revenge Porn Helpline manager Sophie Mortimer commented, “I am very pleased to welcome Aylo to StopNCII.org. We believe in online platforms doing everything they can to better protect their users online. Legal adult sites play a significant part in the digital world and to deny this would mean we are not facing the reality of current online spaces. These sites need online safety support just as much as anywhere else. Adopting StopNCII.org is a positive step towards making these spaces safer.”

For more information on StopNCII.org, click here.