AVN Media Network's Own MJ McMahon Sounds Off on SiN2.0 Podcast

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - SiN2.0, a social media resource for the adult industry, recently released a podcast on its Adult Webmaster Podcast section of the website featuring an interview with AVN Online magazine Publisher MJ McMahon.

"We grill him about the developments he sees affecting the online adult industry over the next 12 months," Jason "J-SiN" Hart, founder and co-host of the podcast told AVN Online. "We cover topics from tube sites and piracy, to BluRay and IPTV, and the potential trouble in store for the affiliate program model."

Hart was delighted McMahon took the time out of his busy schedule to give SiN2.0 the low-down on future developments.

"The number of industry folks MJ talks to each and every day puts him in a unique position to see trends and emerging issues facing the industry," Hart added.

Along with the featured interview, J-Sin and co-host GC begin each and every podcast giving their two cents about current events affecting their businesses and what's happening in the world of online adult. 

The podcast featuring the interview with McMahon is available on the Sin2.0 Adult Webmaster Podcast section of the website.