AVN Featured on TheOnion.com

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Satirical website TheOnion.com today featured a screenshot of AVN.com in an humorous article on "crude web content." 

The "report" stated that “what we’re seeing is a 15 to 20 percent yearly increase in crude web content production, which is the largest rise in annual output since the United States first started exporting unfiltered web content in the early 1990s."

It also noted "a continued increase in raw U.S. web content and crude materials such as listicles, memes, YouTube videos made by 15-year-olds, GIFs of animals defecating, author Tucker Max’s personal website, girl-on-girl pornographic thumbnails, theCHIVE.com articles, and over 80 percent of all Facebook status updates."

The piece features a graphic of the AVN.com homepage along with TMZ.com, Cracked.com and BonedTube.com. 

“Fortunately, new technology has made it cheaper and easier than ever to pump out billions of tons of crude web forum commentary, tweets, and other internet content per year, though with domestic consumption of such content rising, U.S.-based producers will have to increase output further if they want to meet the demand for new celebrity beach body slideshows and UFC fan pages,” the "report" stated.