Author, Constitutional Scholar Frederick Lane Giving Lecture

NEW YORK - Frederick Lane, a Constitutional scholar, attorney and contributor to various adult industry trade publications, will deliver a speech on the 2008 election, the Supreme Court and church-state issues on Thursday, Nov. 13, at All Souls Unitarian Church, 80th and Lexington avenues, New York.

The event runs 6:30-8:30 p.m., with a reception set for 6:30-7 p.m., and a booksigning to follow the speech. Admission is $10, and free for Friends of the Center for Inquiry.

Lane is the author of "The Court and the Cross: The Religious Right's Crusade to Reshape the Supreme Court," and his speech Thursday is sponsored by the Center for Inquiry "Voices of Reason" lecture series and the All Souls Unitarian Church.

During the event, Lane will touch on how the recent presidential election could affect the Supreme Court.

"As so many have observed, there is an excellent chance that President-elect Obama will have the opportunity to nominate two and perhaps three people to the U.S. Supreme Court in his first term alone," Lane said. "The goal of the new administration should be to identify potential jurists who understand that the U.S. Constitution provides a framework for identifying and protecting fundamental human freedoms."

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