Australians Against Internet Filtering Plan to Continue Fight

PERTH, Australia - Members of the Digital Liberty Coalition in Australia have said that last weekend's nationwide protests against government-backed Internet filtering are not the end of the fight.

The DLC said more than 2,500 people attended rallies against the Cyber Safety Plan, which features 10,000 URLs that are to be blacklisted by ISPs in Australia. But DLC organizers said actions planned in Canberra, Australia, will be more "volatile."

According to Australian IT, the DLC plans to hold similar demonstrations for the next several months, leading up to a national protest in Canberra called March in March.

"We're focusing on a number of guerrilla marketing campaigns and old school activism to attract a lot more public awareness over the Australia Day long weekend," Jeremiah Hutchinson, a representative for the DLC, told reporters.

The Cyber Safety Plan, which was implemented earlier this year by the Australian government, is designed to order ISPs to block specific URLs that contain content deemed illegal or obscene.