Australian Police Raid Abby Winters' G. Media

MELBOURNE — Australian police raided the offices of adult company Abby Winters' parent company, G Media, investigating allegations of underage models and illegal business.

According to the Herald-Sun, detectives hit five different premises as part of what's being called "Operation Refuge." The raid included G Media in the Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy, and the arrest of director Garion Hall at his home in Heidelberg, the paper said. Hall has denied being guilty of violating any laws.

Two storage facilities and another office were also part of the raids. Police seized computers containing footage of women allegedly performing explicit sex acts — illegal to produce and profit from in Victoria, Australia.The newspaper said it provided police with files of information regarding the allegedly illegal porn production of G Media, and associated companies.

G Media is known for content featuring college-age women for the most part, 18 and 19, a legal age of consent to perform in adult content. But the newspaper claims Hall was warned in 2007 that his company was violating state and federal laws. Hall faces charges that could carry a maximum jail sentence of two years. G Media's 30 employees could also be charged with the same offense of making and profiting from porn in Victoria.

Police said the investigation is ongoing and more arrests are likely. One former G Media model, Liandra Dahl, claims the company paid teens in cash to appear on camera. The Herald Sun made similar accusations in 2007.

In the U.S., Abby Winters DVDs are distributed through Wicked Pictures. Owner Steve Orenstein said Tuesday the Abby Winters content has always been compliant with 2257 regulations.

"Honestly, all I know is from what I've read in news accounts as well," Orenstein said. "From our experience with the folks at Abby Winters, the dealings have been nothing but professional. They supply us on a regular basis with great product that does really well. I've been reading the allegations — potentially using people underage and the fact there are 4,000 scenes on their website. But I can only speak of what I know and we are very thorough when it comes to paperwork, 2257, verifying that what we got from them on DVD has no issues.

"Again, I can't speak for those 4,000 scenes referenced as being on the website, but doing business with them, I would just assume that they do things in the proper way."

Neither Hall, nor G Media representatives could be reached for comment at press time.