Aussie Sex Party Moves Forward

DEAKIN WEST, Australia—Now that it's been certified as an official political body, the Australian Sex  Party (ASP) is moving forward.

The ASP will run candidates on election ballots and raise funds. In fact, if the party receives more than four percent of the primary vote, it will also be eligible for public funding.

As previously reported by, the ASP battled with the Australian Electoral Commission over legitimacy after several members of the public claimed that the Party’s name was obscene and even triggers "orgiastic notions," though the eventual review and decision negated those assertions.

The ASP will celebrate its electoral registration August 26 in Melbourne, with venue details provided upon RSVP to [email protected] by August 24.

Meanwhile, ASP convenor Fiona Patten told the party has seen gay activists recently attacked in Parliament and a priest facing online charges of grooming a child for sex.

Gay rights proponents John Davey and John Kloprogge claim they were called "faggots" before being ousted from the Aussie Parliament House during the National Marriage Day Breakfast in Canberra last Thursday.

Following a staged protest, Davey said an unidentified man jumped on the stage, pulled on his arm and yanked his neck, saying, "You have to leave ... you've made your point now get out of here, faggot."

Also, the Catholic Church has reportedly not posted bail for a Sydney priest suspended over a criminal charge of grooming a child for sex. Robert MacGregor Fuller, 54, is accused of using a webcam to show himself masturbating during online chat sessions with a police officer posing as a 13-year-old girl.