Audrey Bitoni Named’s jGrrl of The Year

LOS ANGELES - Juli Ashton, Juliland namesake and co-founder, has announced adult film starlet Audrey Bitoni has been named the jGrrl of the Year for 2008.


"We had such a fantastic set of jGrrls over the past 18 months and it was very difficult to pick just one to be our jGrrl of The Year for 2008," Ashton explained. "They've all been so sexy, and so fantastic to work with, but I'm happy to announce that Audrey Bitoni was the true standout of the bunch." co-founder and in-house photographer/director Richard Avery said he feels Bitoni is a "total package."


"She's totally sexy and completely uninhibited -- a woman who truly lights up the screen when she's on camera," he said. "She was born for this stuff, and I'm thrilled to get to shoot her several times this month."


Working with Richard Avery and Juli at Juliland was one of the greatest experiences I've had since entering the adult entertainment world, Bitoni said. "Over the years I've worked with a who's who of directors, but there's simply nobody as fun or daring to work with as the Juliland crew."


Bitoni's content will be available on the Juliland website and the Juliland Cash affiliate program will make several photo sets and videos available for affiliate distribution.