Attorney Larry Walters Releases 'QuickDMCA' Mobile App

LOS ANGELES—Expanding on previous endeavors to being efficiency and simplification to adult website chores such as checking online visitors for age (BirthDateVerifier) or creating 2257 records (Quick2257), longtime industry attorney Lawrence G. Walters has just announced the launch of his latest invention, QuickDMCA, which, as the name implies, "permits copyright owners, or their agents, to expeditiously send DMCA Notices to ISP’s, hosts, billing processors, or other companies providing services to publishers of infringing content."

Walters elaborates, "Under federal law, after receiving a DMCA Notice, the service provider is obligated to disable access to the content or cease providing services to the infringing material.  Repeat infringers must have their accounts permanently terminated. QuickDMCA allows users to protect their valuable content from online piracy, at the touch of a button. The application will allow the user to generate a DMCA Notice that contains all the necessary legal statements and information required by federal law, in minutes."

QuickDMCA, which is available via iTunes and GooglePlay mfor $4.99, allows users to:

* Create a DMCA Notice containing all the required elements mandated by the DMCA, including:

            - Your contact information, email address, and website;

            - The name of the online service provider associated with the infringing content;

            - The location of the infringing content;

            - Sworn statements as to good faith belief of infringement; and,

            - The necessary electronic signature

* Find the proper Designated Agent associated with specific online service providers

* Execute the DMCA Notice on your touch screen, to capture your e-signature

* Send the DMCA Notice directly from your mobile device to the company providing services to the infringer, in both plain text and .pdf formats

* Receive a copy of the transmitted DMCA Notice for your records.

"One of the reasons I decided to work on this app is the rampant piracy in the adult industry," Walters told AVN. "Giving copyright owners the power to quickly generate and issue takedown notices on the fly may help combat some of the infringement, and assist in maintaining the value of expressive works."

Regarding QuickDMCA features likely to be of special interest to content owners, he added, "We don't collect any user data or information about the DMCA notices sent by the app. Once it is downloaded, the app can be used to send unlimited DMCA notices with no further cost."

For more information about QuickDMCA or Walters' other products, go here.