ATK Names Jessie Andrews Social Media Babe of the Year

TARZANA, Calif.—Amateur Teen Kingdom has named newbie Jessie Andrews from ATK Galleria as the first-ever ATKingdom Social Media Babe of the Year by the fans and staff of Amateur Teen Kingdom.

Andrews, originally the ATKingdom Babe of the Month for December, was selected by the Amateur Teen Kingdom staff and fans for her excellent use of all the major social media platforms to help promote Amateur Teen Kingdom and the Babe of the Year Poll featured in the ATK Lounge and ATKingdom network of blogs.

“It was clear from the very beginning of the contest that Jessie Andrews had a firm grasp of our intention to use social media to promote herself and Amateur Teen Kingdom,” ATK Social Media Manager ATK Ray said. “Jessie used her impressive experience with Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, her blog, and even recorded a personal YouTube video to help promote Amateur Teen Kingdom…and she did this on a daily basis.”

Andrews also had the second most votes on the poll and the most quality comments by her fans who clearly felt passionately about her potentially being selected as ATKingdom Social Media Babe of the Year.

An example of one of those comments was by Dave K. who wrote, “I think the impact that Jessie has had on me is best summed up by the fact that before I ‘found’ Jessie and began to follow her Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube posts, I had very little interest in the adult industry and had never even heard of your site. Now, due to Jessie’s constant updates and insights, I am an avid fan of ATK and have gained a greater understanding of the adult industry in general. I know this is just my personal experience, but Jessie’s use of social media is exceptional and ground-breaking in my opinion. And just to top it off, she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.”

For being selected, Andrews also will be the featured model on the DVD cover of ATK Viewer’s Choice Babe of the Year DVD to be released later this year by Kickass Pictures.

Andrews also will shoot a special Social Media Babe of the Year themed photo shoot with ATKingdom Photographer AWP Photography. She will be featured in a special ATKingdom Babe of the Year Gallery within the ATK Galleria members area, on free sites and blog posts.

“I think Social Media is one of the most important aspects of marketing and promotion, especially in this day and age,” said ATK Ray. “It’s clear that the internet community is looking for a more personalized experience from performers and entertainers, especially from within the adult entertainment industry.

“I think Jessie Andrews, with her social networking skills, her engaging personality, friendly affable demeanor and stunningly, gorgeous, amazing, all-natural looks is the ideal candidate to represent what a Social Media Babe for Amateur Teen Kingdom and the entire adult performance community should be. She is a perfect representative of social media marketing for us not only in the coming year but someone that can inspire fans and the entire adult industry for many years to come for Amateur Teen Kingdom.”

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