AT&T Implementing Metered Internet Service

NEW YORK - After announcing in June it would consider a metered Internet plan for subscribers, AT&T is ready to test the practice.

AT&T, the country's largest Internet service provider, announced this week it will test limiting the amount of data subscribers can use each month in Reno, Nev. Depending on initial testing results, the company could extend the practice elsewhere, the Associated Press reported.

The plan calls for limits of 20 gigabytes per month for users of the slowest DSL service, and increased limits of up to 150 gigabytes per month for high-end users.

Time Warner implemented a similar metered plan in June, and Comcast is working to implement its own version. The idea behind the plans is that customers who use the broadband network more heavily should pay more, the way subscribers do for water or electricity. The plan has been criticized by various tech blogs, however, which argue that metered service could decrease customers' interest in watching online videos, or even anger those who currently pay for unlimited service.