ARS and Webmaster Central Host Bar Bash at Internext

TAMPA, Fla. - Adult Revenue Service and Webmaster Central will tag-team Internext in August, as they present the 2007 Bar Bash at Nikki's Bar, located in the lobby of the Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa in Hollywood, Fla. ARS and Webmaster Central will provide attendees all the free beer and mixed drinks they can handle. 

"ARS and Webmaster Central are both very excited to be sponsoring an event during the summer Internext show," John M. Valigorsky, ARS marketing director, told "The ARS crew, in addition to the guys from Webmaster Central, will be there along with several other industry people that make the wheels turn, so stop by and have a drink on us."

ARS also will be introducing its new ARS 2008 product during the show. "To help garner some extra attention to the already impressive list of new intuitive features, new sites, and newly produced products, ARS is offering $75 per sale for one full year," Valigorsky continued. 

Among the new features is a totally redesigned and restructured website for affiliates. Valigorsky explained that everything - from how the site looks to how members interact with it - has been upgraded and made to be more intuitive; and the payouts have been increased, as well.

"Ten new thumb-tour-style sites have been added. Twelve additional completely new sites have also been added, along with EMX and, which has been completely redesigned," said Rebecca DeForest, ARS owner and chief executive officer. "We're creating an ARS that is long overdue, one that is well organized, highly efficient, and one that is highly proactive to the needs and desires of our webmasters."