Ariel Rebel: AVN Magazine Interview

This article originally ran in the September issue of AVN. The issue is available online here.

Tell us about yourself. How long has your site been online?

I’m 26 years old, and I’ve been working, producing and managing my official website since 2005. I enjoy my career even more now than when I first started. I consider myself the girl next door with a secret identity. When I first started my website back in 2005, things were very different. I had no say on anything or where my career was going. I was unknowingly controlled by my photographer at the time, who manipulated me and my partners. I had no say when it came to any and all production related to my website. He had one vision—quantity vs. quality—which goes in direct conflict with my values. Now, I don’t want to scream out loud that I had a bad experience, but if I knew back then what I know now, things would have been very different. I like to believe that nothing in life happens without reason, which leads me to believe that these experiences helped me become who I am now—a model and webmaster prepared to do things the right way, keeping values ahead of profit margins while building long-lasting business relationships.

How would you describe your site? You have the teen look going on, but also a little bit of a punk/alt aesthetic too.

Now more than ever I believe my site shows off my true personality. I look very young, that’s no secret, but what might not be known is I don’t enjoy being promoted as a “teen” model. My teen years are behind me and now it’s time to promote me as a woman. I chose not to classify my image; I’m me, Ariel Rebel, a personality who happens to be naked online.

What’s your favorite thing about being a solo-girl model?

My absolute favorite would be the seeing myself in all the beautiful photo shoots and movies we’ve created. I love knowing I’m a muse for tens of thousands of watchers out there. I’m very close to my fans and talk with them on a daily basis via my Twitter (@ArielRebel), official website, free blog ( and many other social media sites too long to list here. I’ve very much enjoyed my experience as a solo-girl model and have no plans on stopping; I plan updating my website for years to come. What may not be known is what I love even more then modeling is geeking out! I love spending my days on Photoshop, Wacom in hand, designing websites, creating marketing strategies and anything concerning the creation and production of my affiliate program,

There are many solo-girl sites. What makes your site unique? How did you distinguish yourself in a crowded field?

It’s simple. What I do I enjoy, and it shows. I love being there for my fans. I’m one of the most (if not the most) active models online today. Social media is key. I launched my free blog in a time when such a concept was unheard of and considered a waste of time.

How hands-on are you with your site?

At this exact moment I do pretty much everything (or almost) from content production to editing, web design, marketing, affiliate management, etc. I need to get my hands dirty, and they have touched all aspects of my business. It’s complicated to hand it over to employees. Call me a control freak, but that’s how I like to do it. My initial image was not mine; it greatly hindered my evolution. Four years ago I aimed at changing it, which was quite the undertaking. Today it’s accomplished with overwhelming success. The image one portrays to the public is so important, it can make or break a mainstream career. This is why I manage all aspects.

You’ve been online for a while. What changes have you seen happen in the online adult industry? How have they impacted your business?

I’ve seen many girls come and go in this industry, I’ve seen some big companies crumble before me due to lack of wanting to evolve and the global economy. I have to say that this is not the case for While others were losing revenue, mine kept increasing! It was hard work and it paid off. We evolved along with the music and movie industry to align our business toward social media, original quality programming and branding. In the past viewers were restricted to what magazines and writers decided to post or print of us. Now with social media and mobile phones they can jump in on our lives and live our adventures, find out who we really are, see funny moments, give advice, ask questions, trade recipes or simply enjoy some free candid sexy pics.

What does the future hold for your site? Any new features/elements coming up? New site launches?

Many wonderful projects are in the works for Soon I launch my brand-new members area and free tour design. There are many new features never before seen that have been created specially for my members area. The idea is to give the user a big community where they can do much more then just “play.” The new functions will allow the users to feel more at home. They can pretty much customize and socialize the same way they would on any of the big-name social profile websites. On another note, I will be launching Season Two of my original hardcore comic book, Drazel. Season One was such a hit we had to create a second season. This season revolves around the origins of my character as she discovers herself, her friends and foes. It’s filled with sexual escapades, gratuitous violence, and of course alien sex! I will also be launching where I and other Rebels will be reviewing anything from sex toys to the latest iPhone.

Where do you see the industry headed?

I foresee many girls managing their own websites and content production, I foresee the smaller and less involved ... getting smaller. I foresee the big guys taking over. I’m hoping misperceptions about the adult industry be squashed once and for all.  I’d like to see more regulation in terms of global piracy protection. I also see a high increase of mobile users while desktop users will be on the decline.

If you weren’t a model, what other career would you like to have?

My first love always been acting and I would have pursued my acting career. My second choice was web design—it always has been another love of mine. So, in a way, I’m doing what I love ... I just can’t wait to have the chance to awe all of you in a big-screen mainstream project.

It appears you have your own affiliate program launching soon, Tell me about it, and what sites fall under it.

That’s my baby! I’ve been working super hard with my partner in crime Max Rebel developing what we believe to be the next big hit! RebelsOwnTheNet will house many quality websites (solo girl and multi-model) Here’s a few:, featuring the work of photographer Jay Allan;, home of the busty alternative model Mandy Rebel;, a 19-year-old model who’s brand new to the industry and currently works as a cam girl;, the cutest bustiest Aussie girl you’ll see; and, a busty alt girl.

Hometown: Montreal
Favorite Bands: System of a Down/Thievery Corporation
Favorite Movie: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Words to Live By: Life is what you make it.
One Thing People May Not Know About You: I’m a very shy person.
Biggest Pet Peeve: People who judge at first sight
Secret Turn-On: Black guys