Apple's Time Capsule: Home File-Sharing Made Easy

CUPERTINO, Calif.—Who needs a file-sharing service when you can use Apple’s Time Capsule? Priced at $300, the device lets you to set up simultaneously a secure network for yourself and an open (or secure) network for guests.

It even comes with a terabyte of network storage for backing up all types of files, including data, photos, music, movies, research papers and yes … even porn. An extra terabyte costs an extra $200.

While the Time Capsule has just about every feature a person could want in a Wi-Fi router, according to Wired it is actually the perfect device for multi-user environments in which not everyone is trusted.

“After partitioning your network, your storage and attached printer are only available on the dedicated secure channel, while everyone else is relegated to the guest network,” writes Robert Capps.

The Time Capsule is more compatible with Macs, of course, but will work with PCs; however, all features will not be available. Wired reports other issues in setting the thing up and syncing it with devices like Tivo, and bemoans the usual lack of written instructions or troubleshooting help, but gives an enthusiastic endorsement nonetheless.

“If you're on a Mac, want some network storage and have the dough, Time Capsule is pretty freakin' awesome. Seriously, where else are you going to store RAW files of your roommate getting frisky with the Siegfried and Roy statue on Las Vegas Boulevard?”