Apple Pulls Racy Application From iPhone App Store

SAN FRANCISCO - An Apple iPhone application that featured wallpaper adorned with scantily clad women has been pulled from the iPhone App Store because of the content.

According to, after several news outlets reported the application, created by FunMobility Inc. and issued through Wallpaper Universe, was pulled because it was deemed pornographic, the company's CEO fired back, saying the issue was blown "way out of proportion."

"The content being shown above are the winners of a Hottest Girl contest," FunMobility CEO Adam Lavine posted on the site. "All content is double-screened by two FunMobility employees to be in complicance [sic] with very specific carrier guidelines: no nudity, no gang signs, no smoking, no signs, etc etc."

Lavine said his company was informed by Apple that "they'd rather not have content like this, and we took it down. End of story."