Antigua Ramps Up to Launch

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—The owners of Antigua Pictures are preparing to branch out with a unique new venture in, a web portal bringing myriad fetish entertainers together in one live, interactive location.

Launching with a gala, 24-hour "event" April 29, has dozens of models already lined up including professional mistresses, online financial doms, switches, submissives, transsexuals and amateur BDSM lifestylers to roll the site out with a bang.

"We believe we have the one true platform for fetish webcams in the community that is the authentic, real deal for fetish talent," said David Peskin, Antigua sales manager and now co-chairman (with Antigua CEO Todd Blatt) of FCL Cams, LLC, the corporation for FetishChatLive. "It seems to be a lot of our models don't have any webcam link at their site, or they're doing it on their own, or it seems the fetish community girls are scattered, splashed in on regular nude webcam sites, and we feel we're the first to offer what we're offering."

FetishChatLive will provide a variety of revenue generating tools to fetish models, including the live Show Mode, a new tipping feature for making money during free chats, a clip store, a spy feature (allowing visitors to "spy in" on their private chats with others) and an affiliate program for rev sharing via their individual websites. What's more, FetishChatLive has partnered with, giving it a built-in traffic stream siphoned from that site's estimated 5.5 million daily visitors.

"It seems the fetish community is fighting for the same dollar from the same customer and the same traffic," Peskin said. "We feel we offer a place where they're able to find and develop new customers on a daily basis. With a main demographic at Naked of 18-24, many are first learning their sexuality, and really haven't acted on their fetishes. They can be converted; they're curious, and know they have a fetish, and a lot of our professional models have brought that out."

Models can also easily create content to be sold in the FetishChatLive clip store. "It takes them five minutes and 30 seconds with our webcam clip recorder to make content that goes up in our clip store," Peskin explained. "We write the title, the description, check the quality, and it's up in our fetish webcam clips store for purchase—which they can't be downloaded—which gives our models even another stream of revenue from their site.

"Not only can the models make instant money while on cam," he continued, "but it's really free advertising from this one platform where they get a great deal of traffic to their websites, their membership sites and clip stores and all their other places where they can generate revenues on the net."

For the coming launch, FetishChatLive is seeking an additional 100 models to take part in the event, Peskin noted. To sign up, models should go to

"For 24 hours on the April 29th launch, we have models scheduled either camming together, camming solo, broadcasting live sessions," Peskin said. "We are indeed seeking 100 more models to become not only signed up and a part of the launch, but also hopefully for many years to come."

For more information, contact [email protected], and check out the social media outposts at and