Antigua Pictures Re-Launches Website

CANOGA PARK, Calif.—Antigua Pictures went live today with a newly revamped flagship website serving as the portal for all its DVD, VoD, live webcam and other offerings.

"It's all updated, featuring all the products we produce and currently distribute, and it's basically a one-stop for the consumer who buys DVDs and to watch video-on-demand from our online partners," Antigua sales manager David Peskin told AVN.

"It also features our webcam sites,, which has rapidly become one of the top nude webcam sites on the net, and, which is rapidly becoming the top fetish webcam site on the net," Peskin continued, adding that the new Antigua site contains direct links to information about becoming a webcam model, and to each of the membership sites the company represents, as well.

"I'm excited about the new launch of the site," offered Antigua CEO Todd Blatt. "I'm looking forward to this really generating a lot of interest and driving a lot of traffic, and turning into revenue."

In addition to its membership and live webcam sites, Antigua Pictures distributes Muffia, Sudden Impact, Kinkkrew and its own original titles, as well as handling foreign distribution, broadcast and licensing rights for Vivid Entertainment. Find out more at