Anti-Censorship Group: 50,000 Sites Banned in Thailand

BANGKOK - Government and police agencies in Thailand have blocked more than 50,000 websites in an effort to stamp out porn and political dissent on the Internet, according to Freedom Against Censorship Thailand (FACT).

FACT announced Wednesday on its website that it "is pleased to provide links to two new, easy tools for private citizens to legally ignore Thailand's Internet censorship." 

The Bangkok Post reports the ban targets all websites that contain pornography, terrorist content or political dissent against the nation's ruling monarchy.

FACT claims the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology keeps a "secret blocklist". The organization is demanding to see this alleged government list, along with court orders regarding the website ban.

Under Thailand's Computer-Related Crimes Act 2007, it is illegal to block any website without a court order. 

The BBC reported Thursday that the Thai government set up a special website urging citizens to inform them of anyone criticizing the monarchy and at the same time, blocked nearly 5,000 websites on the same day.