Anjanette Astoria Exposes xPeeps Talent in 'The Session'

CHARLOTTE, N.C.—Anjanette Astoria’s recently released film, The Session, is making a splash with the viewing public, but it’s as much about where the talent was found as it is the solid strength of the movie itself. Astoria chose to cast her film using, the adult social networking site, where she found both professional and amateur talent to help bring the film to life.

"We had a lot of talent come forward and we had to make tough choices, narrowing it down to the 17 people that ended up in the film," explained Anjanette Astoria. "I am really excited about this movie for a lot of reasons—it has a great story, has strong acting from everyone involved, and most of all, 15 of 17 actors in the film are currently xPeeps members. And that doesn't even include the many people from the site who supported the film in other ways!"

In The Session, Anjanette Astoria's character finds herself on a collision course with dark forces that she never knew existed after a visit with a twisted therapist. Filming for the movie took place in July after a casting call went out on the social networking site in late June. The Session was released in September and is currently available for VOD on xPeeps.

"We were very excited when Anjanette approached us with her idea of an xPeeps-cast film," said Jerry Anders, VP of sales and marketing for AEBN,'s parent company. "This is exactly what we hoped xPeeps would do when we started it. The Session has been a hit on the xPeeps VOD, and is Anjanette's most popular title in the theater to date, due in large part to her activity on the site—she’s exceptional when it comes to talking with her fans, and that has obviously come back to her with the movie’s success. We're proud to be associated with this film."

Astoria chose to use xPeeps to find talent due to her own start in the business.

"I owe my entire adult career to xPeeps, as this is where I started," Astoria said. "It was on xPeeps that I was first noticed by Steve Holmes, who directed my first scene and produced my first movie. As I have built my career on xPeeps, I felt it right to support the site and give back to it what I can."

Exotica 3000's The Session, starring Anjanette Astoria, was directed by Bob Sherman. It is available on the xPeeps VOD Theater and across all AEBN-affiliated theaters.