All Of 'Em Announces Launch of

Having recently celebrated their eight-year anniversary, All Of 'Em, the adult webmaster resource covering the news, the events and the discussions in the adult online industry, proudly announces the addition of

Rather than rebuild the wheel, leverages the power of Google Maps API as well as the 15 years of archival weather data via Wunderground to bring adult webmasters an all-in-one experience. Can you predict what the weather is going to be like in Amsterdam for three specific days in April? How about Curacao in October? At you have it at your finger tips; never pack for the wrong weather again.

The maps and search capabilities are unrivaled with Global Convention Map powered by Google. Not only can you see a world view of convention locations, you can zoom down from a satellite view to your convention location city block by city block. What does a webmaster do if a hotel is booked? On Webmaster Conventions, he clicks on the convention pin, types in "hotels" and gets back both a textual listing and visual map view of all the other hotels near the convention hotel. The webmaster can actually see how far away his second hotel pick is, then click it and either get the phone number or click through and register the hotel.

"We have never just thrown something up for the sake of having it up," said All of 'Em CEO Dravyk. "We wanted our conventions resource to have all the bells and whistles, all the power tools an adult webmaster requires. With the ability to accurately predict convention weather around the world at any time of the year, and included web search with a mapping interface, we've achieved our goal of creating something that is simple yet very powerful. This keeps in line with All Of 'Em's long-time mission of delivering detailed information quickly with advanced search capabilities so webmasters can find what they're looking for fast and not waste their time."

Even when at the convention the site's new feature comes in handy.  Want to make sure that taxi isn't ripping you off?  Just tap your laptop or BlackBerry, click the convention pin then find out the best route from the airport to your hotel and ensure your cabbie is going the "right way." At the hotel, need to find a place to purchase that forgotten sunblock, or the nearest Indian restaurant, or where to spend a day's escape? The map will give you details on what's where, how close it is to you, and all the other details you need right at your fingertips.

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