AEBN to Debut ‘Babes on Sports’ in September

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - AEBN's "Babes on Sports," a weekly sports show featuring nude anchors giving news and scores, will debut in September.

After a special premiere on Sept. 5 - the first day of the National Football League's season - "Babes on Sports" will air weekly beginning Sept. 14, focusing on NFL information. The show is touted as "sports un-coverage like you've never seen before."

"Our plan is to go out there, take it one show at a time and give it 110 percent," joked producer Shawn Gentry, AEBN's creative director. "Really though, I think our show will be more entertaining than most of the actual games each week.

"We've got football and attractive women taking their clothes off. Throw a pizza and some beer into the mix, and you won't leave your house until February."

The show's website will have an up-to-the-minute ticker with sports news and information, as well as extra behind-the-scenes footage featuring the show's anchorwomen.