AEBN Launches Tubefeeder Site Creator

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - AEBN has introduced Tubefeeder, a new website tool that allows affiliates to create a legal, hosted tube site.

The company implemented Tubefeeder for affiliates seeking to customize their sites by adding video content. The tool drives traffic directly to theaters and includes content and layout options.

"It takes about five minutes to set up," AEBN communications and marketing consultant GonZo told AVN Online. "You can choose the type of tube site -- straight, gay or both."

The options include the number of screens, which are all drop-down in IFrames. "You drop the code into the new or existing website and you've got your own tube site," he said.

There are no banners and the clips are all drawn from various studios. "These are clips from the AEBN Theater," GonZo told AVN Online. "So affiliates will get paid commissions on this if someone signs up and buys.  It's a powerful affiliate tool."

 "We've had many requests for a white-label tube solution," said AEBN VP of Sales and Marketing Jerry Anders. "We went through many months of gathering statistics and testing this product to find the best possible conversions ratios. We're confident now to release Tubefeeder and believe webmasters will find it to be a powerful tool in converting their tube traffic to VOD customers."

Reactions from AEBN affiliates have already been very positive, including one affiliate who commented on a message board, "I've been waiting for this."

For more on Tubefeeder, go to AEBN's Tubefeeder page or the company's home page.