AEBN Brings Back ‘Barebackin’ Brothers’

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - After a two-year disappearance from the market, D&E Productions' 2003 gay film "Barebackin' Brothers" now is available exclusively through AEBN.


"We decided to give AEBN the exclusive for this title because we feel that [they] are the best avenue for [video-on-demand (VOD)] and pay-per-view sites, as well as DVDs," said David Adamson of D&E Productions. "We have known Chris [Baker of AEBN] for many years, and when I told him that we wanted AEBN to be the first to show this video on the AEBN online theaters, he was very happy and honored."


"I've worked with them for years, and they're always innovative, always pushing the envelope," Baker said. "They have a good sense of what's going to be popular, and they've been successful at turning that into fantastic films."


"Barebackin' Brothers" has been digitally re-mastered and features extra scenes and improved sound quality. The movie, which has been added to the AEBN network of theaters, now is available for VOD viewing.