AEBN Adds Flash Video Player to Network of Theaters

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Adult video-on-demand provider AEBN announced Tuesday that it has added a Flash video player to its network of theaters.

This latest innovation will reduce compatibility issues for customers, as well as open access to users of Apple computers, estimated at 8.5 percent of the Internet-enabled market.

The Flash file format is supported across a multitude of various Web-capable devices and the new Flash player can be resized and scaled dynamically inside the browser with no significant loss of quality. Additionally, full-length movies are being trans-coded in the new Flash format, with multiple bitrates, to ensure the best possible experience for customers.

"Adding Flash to our VOD is a huge step forward," said Ana Goforth, director of sales for AEBN. "It will eliminate much of the compatibility and accessibility issues we've seen in the past. Our VOD services are now available on any device that supports Flash, which in this day is a huge number."

For more information, visit the AEBN website or email [email protected]