ADVxXx Launches new Adult Text Link Exchange Service

ADVxXx, a text link exchange network, has just launched their new Adult Text Link Exchange Advertising service and is offering perks and bonuses to new members.

The ADVxXx network lets webmasters advertise their site within the network in exchange for placing ADVxXx text links on their site. All ads are text-only with hyperlinks back to the sponsoring sites.

The ADVxXx service allows webmasters to monitor real-time statistics by the hour, day, or month and target ads by day of the week or time zone. Other customizable features and settings are also available.

Webmasters can also decide how to display the ads on their websites by tweaking the details of the template-based advertisements. Additionally, users can choose background, border and font colors, as well as the type-face the ads appear in.

Each webmaster is entitled to an unlimited number of ad sizes and unlimited number of ads in each campaign.

In order to celebrate the launch, ADVxXx will be offering sign-up bonuses to new users joining the network. New members will receive 9,000 free impressions across the network. For each user referred by a member they receive an additional 1,000 impressions.

ADVxXx aims to add German, Spanish, Portuguese and French in the near future.

For more information, visit the ADVxXx website.