AdultVest Acquires

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - AdultVest, an institutional bank focusing on adult-industry investments, mergers and acquisitions, has acquired

"We are very excited about the acquisition of," Chairman Francis Koenig told AVN Online. "Investors in our Priapus Investment Fund LLC are extremely pleased to be a part of this landmark purchase. We are looking to aggressively pursue tech vendors. We want to speak to content producers. We are open to joint ventures, royalties, profit sharing plans and buyouts that fit into what we are trying to accomplish with the site." 

Koenig said the acquisition is a "natural fit." 

"Our team has incredibly strong technical and marketing capabilities," he said, "and we have already developed several mobile and SMS technologies that are in the process of being patented." 

AdultVest developers are working on what will be the platform and have begun cutting deals with technology providers and major adult studios.  

"We have several major acquisitions on the horizon, which will complement iPorn nicely," Koenig said. "Our goal will be to bring these combined acquisitions public. Ultimately, our goal is to assist in bringing all the successful adult companies public, not just the ones we invest in."  

For more information, visit, call 323-330-6480 or send email to [email protected].