Adultmix, TranslationsXXX Offer Multilingual Banner Packages

NEW YORK - Adultmix, which specializes in designing pay sites, program sites and banners, has teamed with adult translation service TranslationsXXX to launch

The companies offer packages of banner advertisements translated into five languages. 

"We decided it was the right time to launch this promotion to give companies an attractive medium to promote their programs internationally without having to drain their marketing budgets," said Moreno "Mo" Aguiari, president of TranslationsXXX. 

According to Adultmix and TranslationsXXX, many adult publishers and producers have been reaching out to markets in Europe and other areas to bolster growth. 

"We've worked together for quite a while now," Aguiari said. "There is a good understanding between us, and we know what works, both in the U.S. and internationally." 

The packages range from one to five Flash or GIF banners, each translated into five languages for as little as $95. 

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